Sinks, Fiction, and Hard Work

Sinks Fiction and Hard WorkGrinding metal sounds. Husband struggling to renovate our kitchen with a second-hand sink. Me, very grateful for his efforts.

Sometimes you have to accept what is, using the knowledge that you have gained to move forward. I send out emails to find work opportunities, attempting to see what might lie ahead.

My latest read, a novel, but appropriate.

“…knowledge without character is dangerous. Wisdom in how to apply that knowledge and the character you build with good old fashioned work is worth more…” —Justin Price

Faith and hard work will get us through.


Kitties, Efforts, and Hope

Ktties Efforts and HopeSeeking warmth, a kitty climbs into my lap and begins padding. I shift carefully so that the process isn’t disturbed.

How quickly our efforts crumble. All of our work can rapidly fall into the sea. It just took one email to begin the collapse.

I realize how much pride I had had in my own efforts and am humbled. But I still have hope, the true Hope.

“For I know that my Redeemer lives,
    and at the last he will stand upon the earth.” –Job 19:25

Opportunities, Brokenness, and Healing

Sipping hazelnut coffee, I think of my many opportunities lately.

One of these was to be a part of the Surprised by the Healer launch team.

I am thankful and honored.

And I am so in need of this book’s message.

Dillow and Slattery write, “Please, please don’t stay in your brokenness. Jehovah Rapha invites you to heal.”

In the presence of the Healer, there is hope for everyone.


Cold Rain, Windows, and Positive Words

Cold Rain Windows and Positive WordsCold rain and possibly snow today. Kitties looking out the window, eagerly watching for birds.

A bit of a blue day. Wondering if I have become Stuart Smalley, I look for some positive words.

“When we take our focus off the power of God and begin to consider our own limited strength, we are headed for disaster.” —Lynn R. Davis


Unlike Smalley, I won’t boast about me, but rather about the power of God.


Gray Weekdays, Coffee, and Cats


Such a gray, wintry day today.  Thankful to be at home, snug on the couch with a cup of coffee in my hands.

Kitties meowing for attention, wanting love like so many of us do.

A perfect day to begin a new blog about my favorite things. Coffee keeps me going through each day; reading and faith, though, sustain me.

I’m no theologian, just an average reader looking for a meaningful book. And perhaps a good cup of coffee.